Called to Holiness

As he who called you is holy, be holy yourselves in all your conduct
1 Peter 1:15

This verse clearly tells us that God calls us to holiness - because he himself is holy. St. Paul always tells us that God calls us for his purpose (Romans 8:28). This call for his purpose means that God wants us to be set apart for his use. This setting apart for the use of God is holiness.

Because as Christians, we have responded to God, we should set ourselves apart - be totally open to the Lord - so that he can do with us as he wishes. If we allow God to work in us and to use us for his purpose, then we can say that we have fulfilled our vocation in life.

Some people enter priesthood or religious life because they think that this is the best response to God's call. I totally agree that this is a special call from God to chosen individuals. And we should always pray that God will continue to call men and women to respond to his call to this special state of life.

However, the best response to God's call is not to enter priesthood nor religious life. It is not to remain single nor to get married. The best response to God's call is to say 'yes' to what he wants us to be.

If one is single, God calls them to a life of chastity and openness to his will. If one is a priest or religious, God has called them to the vows they professed. If one is married, God calls the couple to a life of simplicity, fidelity and generosity.

God calls us in different ways to different states of life. God may call us in disasters or difficulties. God sometimes calls people in times of triumph. Whatever or however God calls, we should respond - in humility. We should remember that he is our Creator and that we are his creature.

Our response should always be to do what the Lord thinks is the best for us and NOT what we think is the best for the Lord.

This response is a personal response. No one should ever force anyone to make this decision and no one should force anyone to a state of life. This is a free and personal response to God's call. This response is done every day of our lives - a continuing 'yes' to our Lord and to whatever he wants and it requires discernment.

In making a response, we should never be afraid to say 'yes' to God. God knows us and he loves us. He has planned the best for us. Our saying 'yes' to the Lord allows us to let him take charge of our lives - so that we can indeed live our lives in holiness.

We know that in everything God works for good with those who love him, who are called according to his purpose
Romans 8:28

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