Preach the Triumpant News

Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation
Mark 16:15

According to Mark, this was the last instruction of Jesus to his disciples before he ascended to heaven. There are actually two instructions here:
  1. Go into all the world
  2. preach the gospel

As disciples of Jesus, we are not expected to sit at home and relax. Jesus told us to go to all the world. We have to leave the comfort of our homes and be brave enough to conquer the challenges we will meet.

What gives us this courage and zeal is our knowledge of the gospel. A few months ago, I was reading an introduction to the New Testament. The book said that in the original Greek, the word translated to gospel or good news is also used regarding news about a victory in battle. When I read that, I realize that indeed, the news about Jesus is not only something good - it is triumphant news that excites and gives hope.

This could be the reason why Paul always refers to living our faith in military terms. Indeed, the triumphant news of our Lord Jesus Christ is reason to give hope.

When we preach the good news, Jesus tells us to expect difficulties. We will be the target of intrigues. People who do not accept our stand will slander us and insult us. But we persevere because we know that our Lord is an awesome God - who has won over death. Nothing is more powerful than our God who loves us.

We have to remember that Jesus has died for us and that he has risen from the dead. His death and resurrection is a sign of God's power and victory. So if we obey Jesus and go out to the world to preach the gospel, we are sure that Jesus is with us.

And when Jesus is with us, we will never fail. Victory is ours if we persevere and do things according to his commands. This is the reason why miracles were very common those days - because the disciples went out and preached the gospel.

When we preach, we do not preach about doctrines. We preach about Jesus Christ - his life, death, resurrection, ascension and his coming again in glory. As preachers, we are ambassadors of Jesus. We talk of the victory he won for us. We talk of the hope and power we have in him. We bring Jesus to others so that they too will know him and have a personal relationship with him.

Victory in our lives happen only if we know Jesus.

Indeed, even today, we see miracles happen if people preach the gospel of the Lord. We see the sick being healed. We see people with addiction problems being delivered from their slavery. We see marriages being restored and children turning back to God.

Why are these happening? Because people have come to know the triumphant news of who Jesus is and what he did to us and what he can do for us.

As we approach the end of the Easter season, let us pray that the glory of the resurrection continue to dwell in us all the days of our lives - so that we can have the courage to go out and preach the triumphant news of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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