Christian Discipleship - What it is
Christian Leadership - What it is
Day and Night
Enduring Sufferings
Faith - What it is
Fortune Telling - A Christian Perspective
God Longs to be Gracious
God Provides
God is Enough
Good Deeds
How Should We Pray
Humble Yourself Before the Lord
Humility: Allowing Others to Serve Us
Immanuel - God With Us
Jesus is the Truth
Lent - A Preparation for Easter
Lift up Your Cross
Living in God
Mary - Mother of God
Obedience to the Lord
Precious in God's Sight
Preparation for Christmas 2000
Resurrection of Jesus - What it means
Sainthood: A Call to Please God
Seeing Through God's Eyes
Send Forth Your Spirit
Sensuality and Sensibility
Sowing on Rich Soil
The Red Sea Experience
Tithes - What They Mean
We Believe in God
Welcome the Kingdom of God
What is the Good News?
Will You Follow Me
Yahweh is God
Year of Jubilee